TOPRISE start up new tread of diversification industry development, to be the leader in worldwide cooperation and fulfill perfect brand image of enterprise. Meantime, our new product SKYDOME skylight smoke ventilation has been into market.
nvesting 126 million, we built a new production base in Taicang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu. We have the world class production system of FRP Sheet, Wind Proof and Dust Control Sheet, Ventilation Equipment and design small and medium wind generating equipment. We are the leading manufacturer in the same industry. TOPRISE enter into collectivize operation, preparing for the listed enterprise.
TOPRISE seized opportunity during financial crisis, engineering company developed quickly, and Ridge Ventilator was enlarged rapidly. The annual production quantity reached 270 million RMB.
International orders coming one after another. Our products have been spread throughout the world. Meanwhile, we started overseas strategic investment. Output reached 240 million RMB.
We set up the new bigger factory which is the first one in scale in China. We hold a more automatic and precise FRP production line.
Wind Proof and Dust Control Plate and SKYVENT ® Ridge Ventilator have been designed successfully and supplied into project. Establishing international marketing channel to march international market. Adopting FRP Sheet, we promoted whole lighting Ridge Ventilator.
Starting producing SKYAXIS® wind turbine ventilators and passed SGS ISO90001: 2000 International Quality System Certificate. In July, we set up advanced fluorocarbon polyester coated aluminum alloy ventilator and started to put them on market in large quantities. In September, TR Co., Ltd invested in engineering company and involved the business about contraction projects.
TOPRISE introduced full-automatic production lines, becoming the first manufacturer of FRP Sheet in Shanghai and setting up high- end brand SKYLITE-FRP.
Found in Shanghai, entering steel structure system and natural lighting supporting facilities market.