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Sales Specialist

Salary: 面议Academic requirements: 本科Work experience:一年以上
Job Description


1、Responsible for business growth and expanding.
2、Maintain good relationship with existing customers.
3、Establish new relationships with customers.

pls send mail to jaclylai@toprise.com.cn

Recruitment needs

1、Can developed clients independently, familiar with overseas sales process.
2、University grade and the major should be relate in International Trade/English or equivalent discipline.
3、Positive working attitude.
4、Willing and able to travel overseas extensively.
5、Ability to work under pressure.
6、Having a written and spoken command of English preferred.
7、Good computer skills,such as office soft, alibaba.com operation.
8、Diligent working attitudes and willingness to learn.
9、Strong ability to work as part of team.

pls send mail to jaclylai@toprise.com.cn

You can add your resume with cover letter to Toprise Group specifically set up Recruitment E-mail(carolzhang@toprise.com.cn)。After careful screening, information on all candidates, we will notify the relevant personnel to participate in the interview. After a comprehensive assessment, we will appropriate personnel to issue the corresponding positions offer wages and benefits system and career development opportunities and to provide for every one to join the staff of TopRise.