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FRP Translucent Sheet is a kind of natural lighting product which is shaped through automated machine. It is composed ofnon-soda fiberglass, reinforced polyester resin, high-performance and anti-ageing film(or gel) and additives. Skylite FRP sheet is highly appraised by all customers because of its special properties: bright and clean appearance, light weight and high performance, high light transmittance, anti-corrosion, fireproofing, accurate cross-section size, no water seepage, optional length, easy installation and long service life (as long as 15-30 years). It can provide natural lighting for a large variety ofbuildings, such as animal barns, greenhouses, industrial workshops, residential buildings or be used as wall lighting, cover plate and base plate of solar water heater and any places which need long-term natural lighting.  



    For roof and wall of Industrial workshops and so on

    For roof and wall of Industrial workshops, warehouses, roof of dry coal shed,steel plant, and place require fireproofing,chemical plant, acid and acid workshop which require anti-corrosion. Natural lighting, saving energy and reducing energy consumption and making working place more bright.


    Arking, laundry room, weather shed, sunlight room and temporary working places.

    Convenient and practical, high quality and inexpensive, clean and good-looking.


    Roof of greenhouses.

    Superior natural lighting performance, warming and high light transmission.


    Roof of supermarket, fair, gym, school sports venues; shed of walking passage, outdoors shed,
    commercial recreation places, parking shed.

    Natural lighting, good transmission, gentle light ray.


TOPRISE strictly comply with standard of ISO 9000 Quality Control System. Meantime, TOPRISE hold innovative manufacture management and strict manufacture operation standards, which control every production link and create high-end production base.

The Feature ot Skylite FRP Translucent Sheet

  • Special process will not leave light spot in indoor, so that workers can be in a more comfortable environment,improve work efficiency.

  • Toprise customize color scheme for our customers.

  • Toprise Skylite FRP translucent sheet is suitable for various types building lap joint.


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